Do you set homework?

For Year 1 to Year 10 students there is usually a small amount of homework given. The purpose is to ensure that the student has understood the skills covered during sessions. Occasionally secondary students are set homework related to their school programme. It is preferred that students complete homework independently to show tutors that they have mastery of skills.

Do you offer tuition in the school holidays?

Yes, this is usually held during the first week of the holidays in the mornings between 9.00am and midday.

Who will teach my child?

We employ trained teachers who are skilled in meeting the individual needs of the students.

How soon can my child begin his / her tuition? Do we have to wait until the start of a new term?

Usually straight away – for Primary & Intermediate students we offer a free assessment and a consultation for Secondary. Following these we discuss days/times/tutors and begin tuition A.S.A.P.

Do you offer individual tuition in homes?

Not usually because our tutors are fully employed at The Education Station with access to our education resources.

How many school terms do we need to enrol for?

Each students needs are different. Most students enrol for at least 2 terms finding that the continued weekly tuition gives the most benefit. On occasions we run short courses such as: essay writing/ study skills/ exam techniques – these are vary in length, but are usually 3 or 4 sessions and are small group courses. Our recommendation to Secondary Students is that they continue with us until they have completed their exams – stopping and re-starting is usually unhelpful.

What is the cost of tuition?

$50.00 per 80 minute session, reduced to $45.00 when paid for the term at enrolment or by week 3 of each term. A family discount is offered where 3 sessions are taken within each week by members of one family.

What is the age of children tutored at The Education Station?

Yr 0 – Yr 13 (although we usually recommend that Yr 0 students spend about 6 months at School before enrolling.

Which subjects do you cover?

Mathematics, Numeracy and Literacy for Year 1 to 10 students. Technique and Essay Writing Skills for Secondary Students in preparation for N.C.E.A. and Cambridge Examinations.

For more information please contact The Education Station.