The Education Station is part of In2learning, a brand of co-operating independent tuition centres who work, share ideas and meet together to improve learning outcomes for our students.

We believe that the large corporate approach to tutoring whilst it was appropriate in previous decades before the rise of the internet and the proliferation of good software, now it simply adds another layer of bureaucracy and cost to the tutoring process.

As educators we seek to use material that is relevant to our own NZ curriculum; we avoid a paint by number approach. If costs runs high as they do in a number of franchise approaches, then tuition centres sometimes resort to employing high school students to keep costs down. This is not in the best interests of students. Accordingly, we employ trained teachers.

Good teaching comes down to good relationships; we believe that a face to face approach is vastly superior to internet tutoring. We use software that assists both the learner and the teacher.

Simply put, as educators we don’t want to be held back by any one form of tutorial approach, we want the best of the old and the best of the new according to what is appropriate for each particular student. With this in mind, we use a variety of tutorial approaches, providing material that is relevant to the NZ curriculum – the gaps within it and our students!